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We assist in the selection and admission process to the educational institutions in Canada and USA:


  • Secondary education (public schools, independent schools, private schools,  boarding schools);
  • Postsecondary education (colleges and universities)
  • Special programs (training, courses in colleges and universities);
  • Language courses (English ESL or French FSL, with a homestay or residence for students)
  • Training courses and proficiency tests IELTS, TOEFL and others at the accredited centers;
  • Assist on advising and interpreting the results of the academic tests: SSAT, SAT. ACT, ISEE and others.
  • Language camps (English ESL or French FSL with interesting cultural program for children and teenagers, homestay or residence)

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  1. Consulting on Canadian day/boarding schools: top independent, private, public, Bilingual and French Immersion, Montessori, Catholic, Faith Based, Gifted, Special Education, Therapeutic, Learning disabilities (including Asperger, ADD/ADHD and Autism), Military, Cadet Programs, Co-educational, All boys or All girls, Athletic/Spots (including hockey programs), IB, AP. UTS Stage One and Stage 2.
  2. Consulting on USA boarding schools: top independent, private, public, Catholic, Therapeutic, Special Education, Military, Co-educational, All boys or All girls, athletic/spots, IB, AP (also consult on day options: public, magnet, Prep for Prep, etc.).
  3. Advising on and conducting Canada and USA residential/boarding schools comprehensive application process and enrolment for domestic and international students: full week boarding, five-day boarding: advising on selection of the schools, conducting and supervising application process with adhering to all the deadlines (including recommendations, SSAT testing, English Proficiency Testing, Transcripts, etc.), accepting/declining the offer (waitlist process) and enrolment. Assisting with understanding the costs of education, how they work and what is included. Assisting with accessing and understanding School Account, required forms and Billing System.
  4. Academic counseling on High School Career: applying, testing, making credit selection, collecting out of province credits and recording them in OEN (or in ESN of the other province/state)
  5. Ivy League academic coaching: selecting and taking academic credits, creating resume, building portfolio, analyzing GPA (weighted and unweighted) testing scores, building up portfolio of extracurricular activities, attaining leadership positions and acquiring volunteering hours, sports/teams participation (strategies on athletic recruitment).
  6. Canadian and USA Colleges and Universities academic counselling on availability and the selection of the most suitable programs for a student (as per grades, budget, preferences, immigration goals (if any), location): postsecondary programs (any duration), bachelors, law, medical/dental schools, Teacher’s College, career change and advancement, MBA, postgraduate programs, continuing education.
  7. Academic/ Secondary School Admission/College/University Admission Tests’ Counseling: SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, SAT and SAT Subject Test (Sat I (with or without Writing) and Sat II), ACT.
  8. Counselling on writing the English Proficiency Tests: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEFL Junior.
  9. Essay Counselling (including topic selection, structure, originality, vocabulary and readability, also WOW factor) for USA boarding schools, Ivy League colleges/colleges/universities and some Canadian day/boarding schools/universities.
  10. Interview Counselling and questions prep. MMI Interviews prep. Mock interviews.
  11. Counselling on Motivational Letters.
  12. High School career counselling/academic remedies: assisting in credit course selection, extra curricular activities, sports; academic remedies (including additional Credit Courses and Repeats), analyzing tests.
  13. Consulting on Recreational Summer Camps (day or residential), academic Summer Camps (DEEP, Shad Valley, Queen’s ESU, etc.), summer Enrichment programs and enrolment.
  14. Consulting on ESL Summer Programs and ESL Academic Programs.
  15. Assisting on using Gateway to Prep Schools, LionLinks, GoChoate, etc. for applications to the boarding schools; Common App for colleges and universities (USA), OUAC (Ontario) or individual Canadian Universities/Colleges web-sites. Assistance on using AUCC site and E-Info site.
  16. Consulting on International Travel/Volunteer Programs and Credit courses.
  17. Consulting on DukeofEd credentials and programs, how it works
  18. Consulting on required volunteer hours and volunteer opportunities.
  19. Consulting on Financial Aid: using and enrolling on AppleFinancialServices (Canada) SSSbyNAIS (USA) and Postsecondary options: OSAP (Ontario and other provinces), FAFSA (USA schools), advising on available grants and scholarships.
  20. Organizing and conduction individual/group campus tours (Canada and USA boarding schools, colleges, universities, Ivy League).

We assist you to get visas to visit the schools, will accompany you during the tour of the school and help you to communicate with school representatives.

You can get preliminary consultation on your matter with an immigration consultant or educational consultant through Skype, phone or e-mail. Please inquire at